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Welcome Readers!

Paz in the Morning is dedicated to bringing you thoughtful questions, insights, and inspiration to start your day off right.​

Whether it's through informative blog posts, captivating photos, or thought-provoking articles, I strive to provide you with the content that will ask you to challenge the master narrative.


As a student of anthropology with a focus in arts & culture, community building and education. I am an advocate for family & youth development, nutrition, and performing arts as an equal partner and pathway to successful learning and leadership.


I have spent the past decade interweaving my passions and finding my voice. I love to dance. A passion from my mom. I am the Director of Programming for her dance non-profit, Spectrum in Motion Dance Theater Ensemble. I have built my career crafting and implementing the program Dance + Anthropology. Its curriculum is interdisciplinary using dance and the performing arts. It highlights how dance and dancers have helped shape our culture through its storytelling of times different from our own and advocates for a more just world. The anthropology components pay homage to those who expanded my horizons. I honor my teachers who gave me tough love and strengthened my capabilities and tethered me to carve a space to stake my claim. It celebrates the stories of the marginalized who sit with me on the outskirts. Most importantly, it evolves with us and empowers the next generation to do better for each other.

This blog is a continuation of my work and all things that I advocate for. Plenty of my pieces will be fun, humorous, and joyful. Others will encourage self-reflection, but everything will ask you to challenge the master narrative. I thank you for walking in stride with me.

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